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We ask for your cooperation and understanding in scheduling appointments. As a firm which is heavily involved with trial litigation, the attorneys are oftentimes called to court at the spur of the moment since South Carolina generally uses the roster call system and cases can be called upon short notice. We will use our best efforts to immediately notify you of the need to reschedule your appointment. Likewise, we understand that you may have conflicts which necessitate rescheduling your appointment and we ask that you notify us at your earliest convenience.

In the event your attorney is unavailable, our support staff in many instances can provide assistance and information until your attorney can contact you

Financial Arrangements

In underscoring the significance of a lawyer's time, Abraham Lincoln once said, "A lawyer's time and advice are his stock and trade."

Our attorneys' fees and costs depend upon the kind of case we are handling for you. The different types of fee arrangements range from straight hourly rates, to contingency fees based on a percentage of amounts collected for you, to a combination of both. Also, the time for payment of legal fees depends on the type of legal service being rendered.

Each case and client is different, and we tailor the financial arrangement accordingly. Please discuss your fee arrangement with your attorney at the first interview, and never hesitate to discuss fees at any time during the handling of your case if you have any questions.

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